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Badger 150-1M Airbrush Medium

Badger 150-1M Airbrush Medium

Manufacturer: Badger Air-Brush Co
MPN: 1000
UPC: 0047459150016
Price: $89.95
Retail: $122.00
You Save: $32.05 (26%)
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           This is a Dual-Action, Medium Sized Airbrush from Badger.          
     This dual action, bottom-feed, internal mix airbrush allows for a broad  
range of applications. It sprays properly reduced (thinned) acrylics, acrylic 
enamel and lacquers, gouaches, babric colors, watercolors and dyes.           
FEATURES: Left or right-hand use.                                             
          Non-slip trigger.                                                   
          Winged back lever design for easy re-assembly and more precise      
            trigger control.                                                  
          Medium neddle and head.                                             
INCLUDES: One 1/4oz Free-Standing Color Cup                                   
          One 3/4oz Glass Jar                                                 
          One 2oz Glass Jar                                                   
          One Protective Cap (to use with the 3/4oz and the 2oz jars)         
          One Extra Medium Needle                                             
          One Wrench                                                          
          One Airbrush Hanger                                                 
REQUIRES: Air Regulated Compressor                                            
SPECS:    Power requirements: at least a 1/12 horsepower compressor           
          PSI: 20 to 40 lbs

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